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Thailand Beaches

Welcome everyone to Amazing Expat Life, my name is Tony Jones and along with my friend Mike Smith we hope to introduce you to a new Amazing Expat Life. As you have probably gathered by the content of our blog we are both based in Thailand, more accurately in the cultural centre of Northern Thailand – Chiang Mai.

So what is the aim of this site? Well we believe a lot of people are really missing out on a fantastic lifestyle, getting away from all that miserable weather will give you a new lease of life. In countries like Thailand the cost of living is significantly less, the weather is better and it’s full of beautiful friendly people. You don’t need to wait until you’ve retired either, with a little bit of training and the right opportunities you can earn money while sitting on the beach with a beer/glass of wine in your hand.

So Mike and I are here to help you, we are both longterm expats and have a wealth of experience  in Thailand and other countries, you really do need to get away from all that tax, rain, sleet and snow, what you should be doing is getting up in the morning, walking down the beach, breakfast in a nice cafe and really enjoy year-round sunshine and your life.

Some of the Advantages of Life in Thailand

  • Little or no Income Tax
  • Great Weather
  • Good access to the rest of Asia
  • Low Cost of Living
  • Friendly attractive people
  • Great Golf/Fishing/Climbing/Walking/Swimming etc.

Of course there are plenty of people who will be able to come up with a list of negatives, but if you concentrate on negative that’s what you become; I used to live near Nai Harn beach in Phuket and when I was feeling down I would go for a walk on the beach, walk through the surf, stop at a little beach bar for a beer and remember some people saved all year for a week of this, and I’ve got it every day.

One thing you should know now Obama, Cameron or whoever else is in charge don’t care about you, you are in charge of your life, your destiny, so now’s the time to act, get off the sofa, put down the remote and sign up with Amazing Expat Life, we are the guys who can and will help you change your life into something worth living.